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There are several ways you can help Promise of Growth! We accept all monetary donations, but also will appreciate basic, everyday items and community services to help support the young women that we serve! Leave us a message for donating items and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Promise of Growth’s Emergency Care Fund

Collective community care for young women in need

Female College Students

Promise of Growth’s Emergency Care Fund is a pool of funding that is solely reserved to directly support young women in need of necessary and essential care for their safety, health, and well being.


With the donations made to Promise of Growth’s Emergency Care Fund, we distribute funds directly to individuals to support them in accessing critical services and support in times of crisis to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Promise of Growth’s Emergency Care Fund is used to ensure emergency funding is consistently available for young women whenever someone reaches out to us for assistance.

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What kind of support for emergency care does the fund provide?

Some examples of the categories Promise of Growth will prioritize for Emergency Care Funds include: 

Childcare, Education, Housing/Rent, Food, Transportation, Diapers, Funeral, Clothes, Toys, and other needs. 

To apply for assistance, please fill out the form by clicking this link and someone from our staff will respond to you within 48 hours:

Please click this link to fill out the form.

Why should you donate to the Emergency Care Fund?
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Many young women have faced trauma, and may also be victims of abuse of many forms, including financial abuse. Additionally, many simply don’t 
have the support of immediate family and friends to get them through a difficult time.


The most urgent needs are safety, health, and well being. Many young moms need cash, basic essentials, followed by support paying utility bills, paying down credit cards and debt, housing, and safe employment.

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